Race 1: Finish: 4th

Start– revs n/a, no dash. Worked in the holding area but as soon as I pulled away from pit lane it went off.
Bogged down at the start because I don’t think I was using enough revs and was too slow releasing the clutch.

Had Phil Hooker next to mean the outside into turn 1 but braked later and held my position. Lap 2 Matt Chisholm and Jamie Thorburn collided at the hairpin which put me up a position to 6th.

Middle– was right on the gear box of Neil Broome along the straight and into Duffus forcing him into a mistake so I managed to get him at the bottom of Duffus down the inside into McIntyres but he was squeezing me onto the grass. Still pulled it off sweetly though.
A few laps later I caught up with Matt Chisholm and overtook him down the inside into the hairpin.

End– Matt had a problem so I had nobody battling with me for the remaining 4 laps.

Car was great throughout the full race and had a lot of grip.

Race 2: Finish 6th

Start– same problem with the dash.
Got off to a good start playing the revs by ear.
Held my position for 4 laps before Patrick Dassault overtook me at the hairpin putting me in 6th.

Middle– Stayed with Patrick and Matt for a few laps before running wide at Clarks and created a gap.
Started having less grip as the race went on but wasn’t anything huge.
Had Jamie Throburn behind me but pulled a 4 second gap so he wasn’t in my mirrors with around 4 laps to go.

End– From being a very busy race in terms of racing, by keeping cool and trying to avoid defending too much, ended up being more relaxed with 4 laps to go after pulling a substantial gap.

Was suffering from a bit of understeer and the hairpin and getting a load of wheel spin with oversteer on exit.

Race 3: Finish 6th

Start– same issue with the dash not working again. Didn’t stop me getting off to a good start again. Stuck behind Matt into turn 1 but he held me up slightly so Patrick ended up pulling away.

Middle– still behind Matt for most of the race. Locked up going into the hairpin so I lost my run on Matt.

End– was a quite race after I locked up because I had pulled a gap from the driver behind me and I wasn’t closing up on Matt so finished the race in the same position I started it in.

Problems throughout- suffering from a lot of understeer at the hairpin causing me to miss the apex a few times even though I slowed the car down and made sure about my brake application and releasing.
Started getting understeer at McIntyres later on in race 3 causing me to miss the apex at times which resulted in oversteer on exit.

Weekend Review

Apart from that, the car was mega all weekend. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. Thanks for all the help and advise. I know that’s what you’re there for but I feel you communicate what it is in doing wrong and what I can do to fix it well.

Thanks to the whole of GBR for giving me an amazing car which was comparative throughout the whole weekend.