Race 1 (mostly dry with some damp areas)


Didn’t have any rev lights or rpm so was playing it by ear. Car started well but as I was on the dirty side, I had a lot of wheel spin. Wasn’t overtaken.

Jordan Gronkowski spun which put me in 4th having qualified 5th.


Catching Matt Chisholm but ran wide at the chicane exit and fell back slightly. Unfortunately I started getting a bit of understeer at Clarks with 6 laps to go which affected my ability to catch Matt.


Finishing Position: 4th

was still lying in 4th as it was a quiet race.

The car was great apart from that slight bit of understeer but Clarks was still damp on the inside so that was possibly the cause.


Race 2 (very wet)


Again no lights or rpm so had to play the revs by ear. Didn’t use a lot of revs in order to limit wheel spin. Car launched well and I didn’t lose any positions.

One lap in Jordan Gronkowski managed to dive down the inside of Clarks, pushing me wide on exit so lost a bit of momentum along the railway straight.

Tried to get him again at the hairpin down the inside but only managed to overtake Matt Chisholm.

Jordan pulled away.


Car was performing well until 5 laps to go and it just started losing grip mainly through Duffus and McIntyres and from having loads of grip through Clarks, just started becoming a handful. Had huge amounts of oversteer mid corner and on exit. Matt Chisholm was closing up on the 4 second gap that I had pulled on him.


Matt Chisholm got by me down the inside of McIntyres.

Knew that if I stayed behind him he would pull away from me through Duffus and McIntyres because he ended up being quicker than me through the first sector so had to make a move on the sections that I felt I was quicker than him (Clarks and Hairpin).

3 laps to go, made a move down the inside going into the hairpin but went in far too hot and was locking up. Came off the brakes to get more traction but spun mid corner. Ended up beaching myself in the gravel.

Finish: DNF

Weekend Overall

Was a tough weekend for me but GBR done an awesome job with the car throughout the whole weekend. The car was quick!!! Think the tyres were going off in the second race but I was still driving the car like I was at the start of the race which is maybe why I felt the lack of grip as the laps went on.

Thanks a lot to GBR. Ciaran Haggerty was a great help to me and taught me a lot. Preparation for next race starts now because I feel with complete focus from now until then, I can hopefully get a podium or at least be comfortable in 4th with the car that you have given me.