Race 1 (wet at the start, then a dry line formed in some areas- dry setup) Finish 5th

Start – Bias 3 clicks to the rear

Good start 4500 rpm on the wetter side of the track. Held my position but my tires cooled down quickly so was slippy.

Middle- Bias 2 clicks rear (damp) 

Felt as if I wasn’t slowing down as much as I should’ve been at Clarks and the hairpin. I was overtaken by the black and white British formula ford car at the hairpin, down the inside. Thought I was defending enough but didn’t want to compromise my line on exit as there were a few cars round me.

End- Dry line forming in certain parts of the track.

Still felt as though I wasn’t slowing down as much. Car didn’t feel as if it was pitching.


Race 2- (very wet- wet setup) Finish 4th

 Start- Bias 4 clicks rear

3000rpm on the outside line closest to pit wall. good start.


Middle- Having to defend a lot

Understeer at the hairpin but the car was good on corner exits.

Chicane was tricky as I would have huge power slides on the exit. I found it hard to determine where to get on the power as I didn’t want to leave it too late.


3 laps to go, car starts lacking in power on exit of hairpin. Last lap, car missed going up the straight. 

 Race 3- (very wet) Finish 4th

 Start- bias 4 clicks rear 

3000rpm good start but Jamie Thorburn cut right across me to immediately start defending.


Held up by Jamie Thorburn which meant that Jordan Gronkowski got close but didn’t need to go defensive. Jamie kept defending so was struggling to overtake him.


car started losing power around 1 lap to go. Got some oversteer on the exit of Clarks which pushed me into the exit kerb where there was standing water causing the car to wheelspin and over Rev.

After that it felt like my cars revs would die slightly on the initial throttle application.

Weekend Review

 Sound weekend despite the delays but team worked very well and managed to get decent results.