Wet Testing (4 turns rear bias)- My turning was good but got some mid corner over-steer which I sometimes struggled to deal with. Possibly a softer rear may have helped but the car was stable on power application.

Qualifying on a drying track (-1 turn rear bias) – Took a lap to make sure the tyres and brakes would be up to temp, also to check for my brake bias. I had to abort a lap because of traffic which I found difficult because I tried to let the cars in front get away to give me clear runs but then had to get going again because the slower cars behind me were approaching and I was getting close to the end of the aborted lap. Ended up catching the guys again, so just decided to pass them in the hope my times wouldn’t be compromised. Grip was improving with each lap and was annoyed when the chequered flag game out as I thought I had one more lap until the end of qualifying. I was quite surprised getting p5 as I felt I hadn’t made the most of the time given and time that I know I could’ve found. The car struggled with the understeer and I think it had a very soft dry set-up?

Race 1– started on the dry line and used 4000-4500 revs. I managed to get a great start but still struggled with the understeer mainly at Copse and Brooklands/Luffield. My chosen line for Luffield was a V instead of U due to it being a dry track with 50/50 bias setting. The car was lit on the straights, I don’t know wether it was the power of the car or my exits or both which lead to the great speed but I was happy with that. Finished p4.

Semi Final incident– 4000-4500 revs starting in p9 on the dry side. Got a great start getting by 2 cars and even had to lift slightly as the car in front of me hadn’t quite started as well as I did. I had other cars either side of me through Copse and wasn’t going to lift, this meant that for Maggots and Becketts I was bordered in so couldn’t change direction to miss the car in front of me as I was braking. I went off the top of the car and landed hard meaning that was the end of my race.

Sorry for the let down but I am happy to learn over the winter in order to make me one of the guys up front for next seasons national series.

Thanks for all your time down south.