Test 1

Overall Condition:
Damp track (Bias was set the same as February Testing).

Duffus – Good grip under braking but understeered at turn in. Slippy through left hander.

McIntyres – Still good grip under braking and throughout corner. Was using the normal dry line which seemed to have enough grip.

Butchers – decent grip but obviously wasn’t flat through butchers.

Chicane – Slight oversteer on exit. Wasn’t too bad but could feel the rear wanting to slide on power application.

Clarks- Grip under braking. Lack of grip throughout the corner at apex point and exit as had a bit of oversteer on power application. The line I started using was running a bit deeper into the corner and turning in later so that I was already straight on the new tarmac before going on the power. Seemed to help the oversteer problem slightly.

Hairpin – Braking in the middle part of where the slip road. Good grip on entry, apex and exit. Short shifting from 1st to 2nd as sometimes I had a bit of wheel spin. The line was near enough the same I use for the dry.

Missed a gear from 3rd to 4th on the run up to Clarks. Wasn’t huge but the gearbox was cold.

Test 2

Overall Condition:
one turn to the front on bias. Slight bit of drizzle but a dry line formed.

Duffus – understeer on turn in so struggled to meet the apex. Braking just before 2 bumps.

McIntyres – struggled a bit at McIntyres with understeer if my line was bang on. Because of the narrow dry line, turn in was earlier so that the loaded up tyres (left side) were on the dry line.

Butchers – quite slippy, still wasn’t flat.

Chicane- pretty grippy. Had to be very smooth on power application.

Clarks – oversteer on exit. Possibly turning in too early.

Hairpin – good grip under braking and good grip throughout the corner.

Struggled a lot with understeer at mostly every corner which could have been setup? Possibly softer front dampers might have helped but was hard to decide with the changing conditions.

Test 3

Overall Condition:
1 turn towards the rear on dampers. Started off dry but then started to rain. The setup change on the dampers was good at the start but the minute it started raining, the front dampers were slightly too stiff?

Just struggled a lot with understeer at most corners. Mainly at Duffus, McIntyres and Clarks.

Test 4

Overall Condition:
Wet track

After you changed my damper settings to a turn or so softer it definitely helped a lot with my understeer issue.

Duffus- better on turn in. Not as much understeer if I turned in earlier. Slight oversteer but could that have been due to crossing the rubber??

McIntyres- still struggled with understeer and McIntyres. Followed Jamie and he seemed to turn in earlier? Sometimes it would work for me but most times would just understeer. Couldn’t quite nail the perfect line at McIntyres for the most grip.

Butchers- better with grip as I could carry more speed.

Chicane- oversteer on exit. Possibly from the change in speed from butchers?

Clarks- good grip to the apex but corner exit would oversteer.

Hairpin- good grip under braking and through the corner. Was inconsistent on exit as would get power slides on some laps.