May Race Report

Race 1 –

Start – 5500 revs for launch. Launched ok but I think as I was releasing the clutch, I dropped the revs slightly. Was overtaken into duffus.

Duffus – car felt good through here as there was a lot of grip throughout the left hander. Overtook Neil Broome down the inside going into Duffus, braking later than him.

McIntyres – Because of the good line through duffus, Mcintyres was set up well nearly every time. Good grip here. Neil hit my rear right here just after I overtook him.

Butchers – good

Chicane – started using the sausage kerb here so could carry in way more speed through the chicane. At times I’d hit the sausage kerb in the wrong place which would bottom out the car and send me into big oversteer moments on exit.

Clarks – seemed to struggle a bit with oversteer on entry and the steering issue that I had made the car hard to turn in to meet the apex. Jamie Thorburn and Neil had said that they struggled with understeer but that wasn’t the case with me. Clarks felt fairly reasonable in terms of grip.

Hairpin – good under braking here. Braking just after darker tarmac. Good grip through the corner.

Problems – Obviously Neil Broome tagged my rear so after that the car felt a bit unstable going through the left hander. also my steering started getting a bit stiff nearer the end of the race.

Race 2 –

Start – 5800 revs to launch. Lunched well and held my position for turn 1. May have let the revs drop on releasing the clutch as the car didn’t wheelspin.

Duffus – Car was good through here. At the start of the race was behind the pack who I was racing against. Overtook Matt Chisholm down the inside under braking.

McIntyres – Felt good through here. Same as race 1.

Butchers – Good.

Chicane – continued using the sausage kerb although still haven’t found the perfect part to hit. At time would hit the wrong part which would be tough through the car.

Clarks – Overtook Jordan Gronkowski on the lead up to clarks. Right side of the car was on the grass at first but he knew I was committed so he gave me room for the corner.

Hairpin – Overtook Matt Cowley by coming off the brakes mid braking to take a big lunge and then going back hard on them. Worked really well and managed to lunge down the inside. Hairpin was good with grip.

Problems – 3 laps to go the same issue which I had during qualifying occurred with the steering. At first the tracking would go off to the right and would gradually get worse. Under braking, the steering wheel would steer to the right even though the car was going in a straight line. Andrew Chesher had noticed after quali that the right steering arm was loose which is why I was experiencing that. Maybe the same has happened again as it was the same feeling. Couldn’t meet any of the apexes and was struggling keeping the car on track during these laps.

Managed to hold them off for the remainder of the race to bring home the podium.