Race 2

Start – started on the inside line on the slope. For the green flag lap, I used 5000 revs to launch and realised I got a load of wheelspin and was being pushed down to the grass. For the race start I used around 4000 revs which gave me a good launch and little wheelspin (was easy releasing the clutch).
Screwed up at Druids as I tried to go round the outside of everyone. The reason for this is due to race 1 as everyone bunched up at Druids and a guy managed to get by a few round the outside. Lost 4 places when I tried it as the pace was normal through Druids…

Paddock – Car felt quite good here. Was using a higher line on entry and was good on the brakes. My overtakes were mostly done round the outside at Paddock, just using the grip that was available.

Druids – Braking just under the bridge. A shallow turn in but trail braked to the apex which was later. Pinched the brakes just before apexing which helped rotate the car for a straighter and cleaner exit.

Graham Hill – Made the car move around a bit more and really felt the difference as this is where I would gain/ pull away from cars. I ran wide here once which cost me few places. Once you touch the grass at Brands it just sucks you in further.

Surtees – Was more committed through here to balance the car out. Made a way cleaner exit.

For the first quarter of the race, through Graham Hill, Surtees and Clearways, I felt as though the car took a while to really come on. I struggled with understeer a lot but this got better as the race went on.

Clearways – Felt better through here after the better exit from surtees. Felt I had to really get the car slowed down to meet the apex or else the car would understeer. Screwed up one of my exit and dropped a wheel over the exit kerb which again sucked me in. Lost a place to Andy Charlsley.

Had contact twice at Paddock hill bend. The first one was with a black car when I was going round the outside as I was turing in, his front left clipped my rear right and shoved me wide. Some damage was caused as I could feel the car loose through graham hill and surtees (when the right side of the car was loaded up).
Second contact was when the white car spun in front of me, had nowhere else to go and ended up clipping him which ripped my right rear wheel off and ended up hitting the tyre wall. Was a bummer but I guess that’s just racing.