Tricky weekend  – getting on the pace being something of a struggle!

Qualification didn’t go well, ending up p6, so I knew my work was cut out for me in the first race, although I got off to a good start, making up a place before turn 1.

During the race I was stuck in the same position, trying to get a fast lap down to break away from the pack behind me and catch the guys in front, hoping to bring off at least a podium position. Feeling fairly comfortable defending my position with the competitors around me I managed to finish the race in the position I started in.

Starting Race 2 in p6 once again, after the frustrations in race 1 I knew I had to get my head down and do the best I could in the circumstances – the sky was looking pretty dark so I was praying for the rain, but this didn’t happen until later on in the race – and then It was only spitting for a couple laps, making the track greasy in some corners but not fully wet.

I had gained a position to be in p5, but ran wide on the exit of the chicane and was overtaken twice to end up back in p7, then on the same lap at the hairpin I knew I didn’t want to be left in the position I was in and made  a lunge, overtaking 2 cars again down the inside, getting back up to p5.

Fortunately, I managed to adapt quickly to the slippery track and caught the competitor in p4, but couldn’t execute a move quick enough before the chequered flag came out.

Overall it was a very frustrating and disappointing weekend on my behalf and I will now have to work even harder to claw back my lead in the championship. I have proved that I have been quick in the past and now it’s time to prove it again and show what I’m capable of.

I must say thanks to the team for keeping calm during the weekend and giving me a reliable car (now I just have to make it go faster) and  apologies for showing my emotions about my performance in race 1!

Thanks also to my sponsors: Scotwaste, Dem-Master, Premier Commercial, JH Civil Engineering, Redhouse Fencing, UKCM, Claim Eazy, Edinburgh Watch Company, M&K, Johnston Fuels and Murrayfield & Co.

I’m proud to support the Cookie Jar Foundation.