Scottish Championship Car Racing (SMRC)  

Reverse Direction

Sunday 20th August, 2017


Race 1 – Qualified p4, marginally missing out on p3 for my first race going round the opposite direction at Knockhill. Unfortunately my usual excellent starts, passing cars before turn one, didn’t happen as the lights took forever to go out. This caused my clutch to burnout which resulted in the car bogging down as I released it. For the first four laps I was up with the front pack waiting on a  moment to make a move but it never happened. With reverse direction, I found it very tricky to overtake. There’s only really one corner where it can be done,  turn one at the hairpin if you get a good run out of the last turn for the long straight. I struggled with pace and dropped back from the car in front in p3. The race from then on was solo, bringing the car back in one piece for race 2 and gaining valuable points for my championship effort.

Race 2 – I got off to a good start in p4 although so did everyone else, so I stayed in the same position. Lap two the race got more exciting as I was overtaken going into the hairpin so I knew I had a race on my hands this time round. Due to my lack of pace, I couldn’t overtake the competitor as easily and therefore had to pick out a time to make a lunge. After a couple laps behind him, I analysed where he was leaving a gap and where he was weak and managed to make a lunge down the inside going into the hairpin. P4 with 4 laps to go, he tried a move round the outside of the hairpin and made contact with me mid-corner which caused me to spin. Thankfully I wasn’t out of the race and could continue, although I lost an extra position and with the limited laps to go, I never managed to make the positions back and ended the race in p6.

Thanks to GBR and Josh Kerr who were working on the car throughout the weekend, taking in my feedback and making the changes straightaway, bringing constant improvement and helping build my knowledge.

A lot of preparation will be going into my next race in order to get me back on to my usual pace and on the top step of the podium. 

Sebastian is currently second in the championship – view the table here.

Next round in the SCOTTISH FORMULA FORD 1600 CHAMPIONSHIP is September 10th


I would like to thank my partners:  Scotwaste, JH Civil Engineering, Dem-Master, Redhouse Fencing, Premier Commercial, M&K, Murrayfield & Co, Johnston Fuels and Edinburgh Watch Company. Also proud to support The Cookie Jar Foundation.