Scottish Championship Car Racing (SMRC)  
Sunday 8th October, 2017 

Race 1 The track was very fast Sunday morning and quick times were being set consistently. I qualified fourth knowing all I had to do to secure second in the championship was finish the race. The start was delayed but three warm-up laps allowed me to get plenty of heat into my tyres. I was immediately on the pace and stayed with the car ahead to build a gap on the contenders behind. The gap allowed me to keep a clear and calm head as I followed the car ahead.

Catching Up

I kept the pressure on, not wanting to make a rash move and risk not finishing the race. The pressure worked and as he made a mistake I was able to capitalise and take third. 

I defended this position right to the end despite my brakes beginning to go as a result of the heat. I brought the car home in third securing my second place in the championship, meaning I could relax and have fun in the final without any pressure hanging over me.

Happy with my race

Race 2 I lined up in third and got a lot of wheel spin off the start, but maintained my position into turn one, then struggled in the race with understeer. Fighting the car’s nose into every corner and having to get on the power later than I would like to out of the corners to combat the understeer, my times were not where they had been in the first race. 

The result of this was I couldn’t string together any clean overtakes on second. I continued to battle the car and ended up running wide out of a few corners. Not wanting to be penalised for exceeding track limits – two wheels off the grey and over the white line – I had to back off the pace. 

The car behind caught me and began to make a move for my position. My strength in racing has always been keeping calm when defending and I showed this here. Finishing again on the podium was a great way to end the season and a well deserved result for my team. 

2nd in the championship

Thank You to GBR who worked hard all year to become, once again, Formula Ford Champions and also to get the second place in the Championship which is a great result for the team. 


Thanks to my partners: Dem-Master, JH Civil Engineering, Scotwaste, Premier Commercial, UKCM, Claim-Eazy, Johnston Oil, Murrayfield & Co. and would like to announce and welcome my new partner, Lourmarin London.

Proud to support the Cookie Jar Foundation.

 I would just like to take the moment to dedicate the weekend to David Brunton who sadly passed away.