Partnering Sebastian Melrose as a sponsor is a unique way of promoting a business, strengthening a marketing strategy, or even just providing customers, suppliers or staff a truly remarkable day out.

Seb is an outstanding young Scottish racing driver with a very bright future ahead of him and sponsorship provides an opportunity for commercial partners to share in the exceptional benefits that the association with high-level motorsport brings.

In recent years many firms and businesses have reaped rewards by using motorsport as an integrated marketing, communication and branding tool.

In the modern and constantly changing business landscape companies and the goods & services they offer are more and more differentiated by their brand image, often generated by sponsorship and affinity relationships.

So far, Seb has attracted a large number of committed and loyal sponsors, which he is looking to expand as he strives to further his upward trajectory in National motorsport.

Benefits Sebastian offers sponsors:

  •      Brand Exposure and Partnership
  •      Hospitality Product Associations
  •      Public Relations
  •      The Car
  •      Marketing Opportunities with Sebastian
  •      TV Coverage
  •      The Calibre of the Race Series
  •      Social Media posting and Logo Exposure

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