June 2017

May 2017

July 2016

Brands Hatch Race Report & Crash

Race 2 Start - started on the inside line on the slope. For the green flag lap, I used 5000 revs to launch and realised I got a load of wheelspin and was being pushed [...]

June 2016

May Race Report

May Race Report Race 1 - Start - 5500 revs for launch. Launched ok but I think as I was releasing the clutch, I dropped the revs slightly. Was overtaken into duffus. Duffus [...]

March 2016

March Testing Report

Test 1 Overall Condition: Damp track (Bias was set the same as February Testing). Duffus - Good grip under braking but understeered at turn in. Slippy through left hander. McIntyres - Still good grip under [...]

November 2015

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