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Racing Driver & Social Media Influencer Based in London

Hello and welcome to the web page for Sebastian Melrose, the promotion web of the racing driver, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Seb has an excellent eye for business and opportunities, as well as having the ability to appeal to all demographics, which makes him ideal for brand partnerships. Seb is ...

Reprimo, Seb's Welness Brand

Sebastian is the co-founder of Reprimo, with the help of his partner Samuel Hopkinson and Bob Soin - a Cambridge surgeon. He has a passion for helping others, and Reprimo has allowed him not only to realise what is necessary to get the best out of himself and his body in everyday life but also can allow others to ...

Why Choose Seb

  • Professional Racing Driver
  • Business Degree
  • Marketing Background
  • Social Media Influencer Expert
  • Latino Heritage
Spoken languages:

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Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships & Collaborations

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Seb is a business graduate, so he has a good eye for everything business and marketing related, which is great for any brand looking for a …
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